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Frequently Asked Questions

Your participation in ManufacturingGPS is important! The questions and answers below are provided to help you to decide to participate. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call

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Q: Why Should I Participate

A: There are many benefits to participating in this study:

• You will receive access to a database and custom reporting tools filled with up-to-date labour market information from companies across your manufacturing industry and the country at large. The database can act as a benchmarking tool for basing human capital decisions and will act as a trusted source of information in the future.

• Your participation will help your industry make sound human resources decisions and inform job seekers, students and government using data that is constantly being updated.

Q: What are the objectives of the study?

A: The main objectives are:

• To enable manufacturing employers, post-secondary institutions and government officials to make sound decisions by providing access to complete, accurate and timely LMI and HR benchmarks.

• To support the growth and competitiveness of manufacturing across Canada.

• To provide market information to address labour and skill shortages through focused HR efforts.

Q: How is the data being collected?

A: We want to make this as convenient for you as possible.

• You may either complete the survey online by yourself or

• R. A. Malatest & Associates Ltd., an independent consultant, has been contracted to assist EMC collect data from manufacturing companies and educational institutions by conducting the survey by phone.

Q: When is the study being conducted?

A: The data is being collected on an on-going basis.

Q: How long will it take me to complete the survey?

A: It depends on how you collect and store this kind of information. We estimate that on average it will take respondents approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey.

Q: Can I leave the survey and come back again?

A: Yes. The access code provided to you allows you to come and leave as many times as you wish. Each time you will go directly to where you left off.

Q: Why did I receive the invitation to the survey?

A: We are inviting as many companies with manufacturing locations across Canada as possible. This includes current members of the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium.

Q: Is the information I provide confidential?

A: Yes! For manufacturers, all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential, and results will be reported in summarized form only, without identifying individual respondents. All data is reportable in summary format, with the maximum detail being the sector level.

Q: What if I don't know an answer to a question?

A: We appreciate that some answers may be difficult to provide and we ask you to do your best. We recommend consulting with your colleagues if they are in a better position to provide details that you.

Q: Do I get to see the results of the study?

A:Yes! Companies completing the full survey will be able to access the latest reports. As companies complete the study, the site will update to allow you to build a more detailed view of your specific manufacturing area or the sector as a whole.

Q:What is Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium?

A: Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers grow and become more competitive, at home and around the world. Grown to become Canada's largest manufacturing consortium and with over one thousand industry events annually and a broad range of services and programs, is one of the most active manufacturing organizations in North America. For more information, visit:

Q: Who is R. A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.?

A: R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. is a full-service research organization with in-house Computer Assisted Telephone/Web/Personal Interview (CATI/CAWI/CAPI) systems; in-house, professional focus group facilities; and state-of-the-art data scanning and analysis software. We have completed hundreds of research and evaluation projects for clients throughout Canada.
Founded in 1985, the Company is one of Canada's largest independently owned and operated research and evaluation firms. R.A Malatest & Associates Ltd. has a staff of approximately 65 professional researchers in offices in Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax (Spring 2012). In 2011, the firm created a sister partnership with Malatest International – a New Zealand based evaluation and advisory firm (see for more details).
The firm is a Gold Seal member with the Marketing Research Intelligence Association (MRIA) and a proud supporter of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES).